Friedrich A. Dirkmann

This imprint does not exclusively refer to the responsibility of this website, but this imprint is also valid for all other publications of my publications, whether business or private.

I, Friedrich A. Dirkmann, hereby acknowledge to be the responsible, physical person for the contents of my publications, which are connected with this imprint. Not only according to local laws, but also according to international law as well as my own specifications. In accordance with my own requirements, I hereby also state that I publish as "internal" designated information only with a legitimate interest.

These include, inter alia, Tax documents, as well as other information, which can be regarded as internal, with which "anyone" could also always operate at fraud or other criminal activities...

If (and always) will be among the beneficiaries, all relevant information is provided in full detail (in writing). If this violates applicable law, I am giving my own right to "entitled persons", after an appropriate appointment agreement, as well as a legally binding declaration of costs for my time quotas for this purpose, to look into all original documents, Will be needed.